Top of the Shops: Where To Buy Brake Parts in Johannesburg

Getting your hands on the correct brake parts for your vehicle, be it for a replacement or if you’re trying to fix a flaw in the system, can be rather challenging. You may have been to a workshop where they’re able to diagnose the problem, but are unable to source the correct parts for you. If you’re in the Johannesburg area, you may have explored your options and may still have gotten stuck. Let’s explore some of the best places in Gauteng for you to source new brake parts. These four places are certified to give you expert advice coupled with decent rates, and if you take the time to get quotes from each, you may well end up getting the best possible price in the process too. 

Bosch Car Service Auto Superior

Bosch is a well known South African brand that was established all the way back in 1997. Offering vehicle service, repairs and maintenance on all makes and models, if you’re struggling to find a specific brake part, these guys are a good place to start. Bosch provides their team with regular, consistent training on parts, with a leaning towards technological innovation. With over 3000 individual and business clients, it’s clear that they offer a service that many are happy to return to time and time again. Their Randburg branch in particular is well known for its service delivery. 

Xpress Brake

Xpress Brake is somewhat of a wildcard on the list, primarily because their business model differs a little to some of the more traditional businesses in the industry. These guys come straight to you and are happy to stop at your home or workplace to have a look at your brake problem. Their motto is to deliver a service that saves you time, money and hassle. They are more than happy to offer quotes on brake parts and make a point to only supply and fit OE quality brake pads. These guys may come in a little more expensive than the others on the list, but this is partly due to their zero tolerance policy on inferior quality products.

Safety Brake & Clutch 

Safety Brake & Clutch is a renowned company in the automotive industry, with a history dating back to as far as the rise of South Africa’s democracy. With a focus on passenger and light commercial vehicles, their technicians are a go-to for any brake or clutch related issues. Their brake and clutch fitment center thrives off’ RMI quality assurances, and more recently they have been selected as a LUK approved clutch fitment center, which is a good sign that they are a business that is here to stay in the 2020’s. What we like most about these guys isn’t their great service, but the general feel of their shop, which is always tidy, with a friendly face nearby to help you at all times.

Power Brake

Last but not least, Power Brake should be on your list of considerations for brake parts, as a result of their mantra to design, manufacture and deliver high performing brake components at fair market prices. While their target market is more geared towards vehicles racing competitively, what drew us to them was their belief that brake systems and components should not just be considered cosmetic enhancements. These guys design systems from the ground up, tailor what you need with customisations that will improve the overall quality of the driving experience, and also do so with impeccable service. Money well spent.