Finding The Best Brake Service Providers in Johannesburg

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that finding good service in general can sometimes be difficult. This applies when you’re considering going to a restaurant, if you’re looking at making a purchase online, or even when you’re trying to find someone to give your car brakes a service. Yes, service matters, even when a service is the service! There are many workshops in the greater Johannesburg area who claim to be specialists in the field of brake servicing, but we’ve done some digging and research, in order to provide you the ones you should be checking out first when you start to get a few quotes.

Supa Quick

One of the more famous brands in the country, Supa Quick is renowned for being a one-stop shop when it comes to any vehicle issues. While they’re often marketed as tyre specialists only, these guys also have somewhat of a growing reputation for being brake pad experts. While they’re in 250 branches around the country, their Johannesburg branches are particularly jacked up, and worth giving a go if you are worried that your brake pads may be a little worn out. 

Autosports Wheel & Tyre

While these guys might not be as nationally recognised as their predecessor on the list, they are worth a mention given their expertise in a wide range of services, but specifically in brake service, repair and replacement. These guys place most of their emphasis on family safety and the parts of a car that encourage this, so it’s no wonder that they choose to specialise in the ones that assist in this as a rule. Reasonably priced, Marke, Kevin or Walter are well worth giving a call.


CBS might be the name of a popular American television network, but just as efficient, albeit in the brake servicing game, CBS in Johannesburg tend to fly a little under the radar. If it’s a consistent, solid service you’re looking for, from people who have been in the game for 50 years but haven’t necessarily shouted too much about it, then this is the way to go. They specialise in brakes and clutches, and we’ve also heard via the grapevine that their brake offerings are particularly well priced relative to their competition.

Safety Brake & Clutch

Located in Midrand, Safety Brake & Clutch have “got it going on” in the brake and clutch game. These guys seem quite proud when referring to their brake repair and maintenance services in general (be it when you give them a call or visit their website), giving a detailed account of the process you will go through when using them for a service. They’re happy to inspect your brakes, not only making a recommendation around the service, or replacement of the brake pads, but they also keep an eye out for any other niggly bits that might need to be tended to. They tackle wear and tear on brake pads like true professionals, with what can be considered as a top class service.

Regardless of your choice, you’re likely to get good service from these providers, ensuring that your actual service goes according to plan and meets quality standards. It’s never worth the risk to take a chance with your brakes, which should be regularly maintained, should be one of the first things you ask about ahead of going for your next service, and ultimately could be responsible for your safety on the busy roads of Johannesburg.