Brake Disc Brands You Can Bank on in 2019

Highway driving can be one of the primary contributors to the wear and tear of your brake discs, and the brake system of the car as a whole. In Johannesburg, highway driving is somewhat of a guarantee, so it’s worth investing in the maintenance of your brakes, to ensure you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on repairs (adding to the annoying additional expenses brought on by the toll system). Make sure you spend your money on the right parts, and with a trusted provider. Let’s cast our net out there today, and explore some of the best brake disc brands you can consider if you’re needing to find a replacement or new part for your car.

Power Stop

Power Stop is an American brand that has been in business since 1995, with a leaning towards eco-friendly service offerings (never a bad thing). Their brake pads, for example, are unique and popular because of the fact that they are 100% copper free, meeting international performance requirements year after year. While their products tend to be considered a little more high end, you’ll get great quality in the process, and in particular when looking at their discs and pads. A final tip: look at their range of kits first, before considering individual items, as it may save you a bit of money in the long run.


We started this article by mentioning highway driving and it’s no surprise that companies are optimising their products to assist with wear and tear in this regard. e-Line, for example, is a brand that is focused on safety around higher speed driving, with brake discs and pads designed for the car to come to a stop as fast and safely as possible. Their products are centered around vehicle control, reliability and durability. From a cost perspective, their brake discs are affordable compared to market prices, and they offer all-encompassing packages, which helps in this regard too. 


Quietcast brake discs are designed for the vehicle generalist, who works on a range of makes and models throughout any given day. A premium international brand, their brake discs and pads incorporate some of the newest technologies you’ll find in the world. Also 100% copper free (the environment is smiling at this for sure), with pre-attached parts for noise reduction, their focus is clearly on giving consumers what they want, by not only supplying basic discs, pads or kits. Kudos, guys!


Bosch is a very well known brand in South Africa, and it’s no secret that their products — while less specialised than the brands mentioned before them — work well as a general option if you’re not looking to spend too much time researching a range of options. A premium line nevertheless, they offer platform specific, semi-met friction materials in their products, while also making sure to do what they can for the environment. It’s nice to see a forward thinking brand like this, with a view towards recyclable parts and providing sustainable solutions for something that fits most vehicle brands.

In closing, remember that when looking to make any kind of modification to your car, it’s important to do as much research as possible, to speak to an expert, and to get a couple of opinions and quotes. Not all brands and parts will be available in your area as a guarantee, and may be expensive to import, so take your time, set your budget and explore all options, while remembering that your safety, especially when it comes to your brakes, should be priority #1.