Best Clutch Service Providers in Johannesburg

There are some parts of your treasured vehicle that you simply can’t skimp on when it comes to maintenance. Your clutch is literally responsible for you to change gears (and so much more), which is why it should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to how and when you maintain your car. Don’t take any chances, and make sure, even if you are in a regular maintenance plan, that you keep an eye on when the parts are serviced, and that you regularly confide in that “trusty guy you know” at the auto shop for his advice. If for some reason he’s ghosting you (it happens, technicians are very busy after all), it may be time to look at an alternative option for your next clutch service. Never fear, as any of the following, which we’re outlining as the frontronners in the area, can be considered for the job.

What To Look For in a Clutch Service Provider

When it comes to the best of the best, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, including turnaround time for the job at the workshop, the service you receive before, during and after (we all know how important customer service is these days), and naturally, it’s important that you are comfortable with the pricing as well. A good place to start, is to collect a couple of quotes, but don’t be shy, or sly about it. Have an open conversation if you’re looking for a good deal, but also keep in mind, that it’s worth ‘loosening the purse strings’ just a little for a service on an important component like this, ensuring you get long lasting quality, and not something shoddy and rushed.

Steve’s Auto Clinic

Steve’s Auto Clinic gives extensive information about their clutch overhaul process, which is designed keeping in mind that traffic volumes all over the city are increasing each year, with the clutch becoming collateral damage as a result of this. At Steve’s, they do a thorough assessment of your clutch and also give you an expected lifespan of your clutch, which is a nice touch. That way, when it conks out early, you can encourage them to give you a discount (just kidding). In terms of general skimming or replacement of the adjacent flywheel, these guys get top marks.

Clutch Mobile

Clutch Mobile is another provider to consider, purely because they offer something different: a mobile service. They come to you at a time that is convenient, and also claim to have lower prices than their competitors (the assumption is that they have less overheads than a traditional store). If you’re worried about technicians arriving with all the tools they need to service your clutch, or that they won’t necessarily have all the supplies necessary on hand if they spot any other potential issue, don’t stress. If not, their service team is pretty jacked up, and they would be happy to help.

Safety Brake & Clutch

Last but not least, there’s Safety Brake & Clutch to consider too. Their motto is still one of the funniest in the business (“We don’t judge your driving, we just repair”), but don’t let this give you the sense that they’re jokesters when it comes to quality service. With almost 25 years in the industry, these guys are happy to provide a range of help, from assistance with clutch services, and as far down to clutch repairs caused by broken torsion springs. If you have any queries about the general process of servicing your clutch, look no further.