The Best Clutch Brands in South Africa

If you drive a manual transmission car you will be familiar with the clutch in your vehicle. A clutch keeps your car’s engine running even when it’s idle and allows you to change gears. A cutch works by using two metal plates that connect the engine and gearbox, and ultimately the wheels, causing them to turn and change your car’s speed.

The clutch is a brilliantly efficient system that is made to last for thousands of kilometers. If you live in a busy city and tend to do a lot of ‘stop and start’ driving, your clutch system will likely wear out quicker than one used in a small town or countryside. This is due, in part, to the wear and tear your clutch will experience every time you engage it. If you experience your clutch ‘slipping’, or improperly changing gears, it’s important to get it replaced so that you drive smoothly. 

But what clutch brands are available in South Africa and which are the best options?

LUK Clutch Kits

The LUK group was started in Germany in 1965 and is one of the leading suppliers of automotive parts in Europe today. Products from LUK are now available all over the world- including South Africa. The brand has grown so much over the past 50 years that it even supplies parts to Ford, General Motors and Toyota, among others. The LUK group specializes in the design and distribution of vehicle clutches worldwide and is the largest clutch manufacturer in South Africa. Their clutches are made according to international quality standards and come in multiple ranges for light, medium, and heavy motor vehicles. 

SACHS Clutch Kits

The brand dates as far back as 1894 when a German toolmaker named Ernst Sachs founded a ball-bearing production plant. Nowadays, the brand supplies automotive parts (including clutches) to millions of customers in Asia, Europe, and South Africa. All their parts comply with automotive safety and quality regulations. They stand for high performance and reliability.

Valeo Clutch Kits  

  Valeo is a French and Italian brand that started off making brake linings but by 1953, the manufacturing of clutches became their main business activity. The company has since opened up manufacturing plants in China, the Czech Republic, and India. Valeo is a leading supplier of clutch and transmission systems and it is said that 1 in 3 vehicles are equipped with them. They too comply with international quality and safety standards.