Cost of Brake Pads in South Africa

Brake Pads Price South Africa

The braking system in your car is a complex system that is made of various parts. It goes without saying that when you press your brake while driving, your car’s braking system should respond without hesitation and stop your car without any ‘lag’ or delay. The importance of this system working effectively cannot be underestimated as it may save your life or the life of another person.

One of the components which makes this process possible is brake pads. Brake pads work by applying pressure and friction to a car’s brake rotors. It is this friction that causes the vehicle to ultimately stop as the pressure applied to the brake rotors causes the wheels to slow down and stop. Brake pads perform this task hundreds of times a day and undergo extreme stress every time they are used, due to the weight of the object that needs to stop. In this case- your car. 

Your car’s brake pads are engineered in such a way that they will last for a very long time. However, you may notice that the time it takes your car to slow down is increasing or your car is literally ‘screeching to a stop, so this would be when you take your car into a mechanic to be looked at. In the event of worn-out brake pads, any responsible driver should purchase quality replacements that work effectively and safely. But are there different kinds of brake pads? How much do brake pads cost and what are the best budget options without compromising safety? 

The Different Types of Brake Pads 


Organic brake pads are a cheaper option to go for when purchasing this part. These brake pads are made from materials like glass, rubber and Kevlar. These brake pads are available are the lowest price-points. If you have a heavy-duty vehicle, these brake pads would not be a good option as they wear out more quickly than other kinds of brake pads and don’t deal with the huge weight and friction of a large vehicle as effectively. If you drive a smaller car and mostly do ‘in town’ driving, then these types of brake pads may be a good option. 

Prices range from R150 and upwards depending on the brand of your car. 


Ceramic brake pads are made from a similar kind of ceramic which is used to make pottery and plates but is more durable and denser. Many ceramic brake pads have copper fibers that run through the pads to increase their heat and friction capabilities. These kinds of brake pads are more durable and will last longer than organic versions, but subsequently carry a larger price tag. 

Prices range from R200 and upwards depending on the brand of your car. 

Brake pad price South Africa notes:

*Note: Brake pads made by your car manufacturer (genuine parts) will cost more than generic or aftermarket versions! A listing on displays a set of genuine brake pads for a Volkswagen Golf 6 at R750 while a generic brand for the same make and model costs R270.