Best Places to Buy Brakes and Clutches in Gauteng

Two of the most crucial parts to the long term maintenance of your car include looking after your brakes and your clutch. Without either, your vehicle is reduced to what is essentially a piece of shiny, stationery scrap metal. We’ve all heard the horror stories of clutches burning out and worn brake pads causing accidents, especially in bad weather. Summers in Gauteng can be rainy, making the roads difficult to navigate, so it’s important to ensure that you have both these essential parts in working order at all times. How regularly are you having these parts tested?

Perhaps never, which may need to you shortly having to replace both. A quick drive through any industrial area gives you multiple options in the greater Johannesburg area, so we’ve explored the three best options for you to consider, based on value, service offering, and reliability. 

Kempton Park Brake and Clutch

Kempton Brake & Clutch has a history dating back over forty years. Their motto is to be a “one-stop” brake shop offering 95% of their work in-house, cutting out the need for a middle man. These guys boast an impressive client roster, with some being loyal customers for over two decades.


KBC call themselves experts in brake and clutch manufacturing. Their brake pads were introduced to the market almost twenty years ago, and the KBC range exceeds over 500 applications. These guys offer a wide variety of parts for a wide variety of vehicle types, including industrial vehicles. Worth considering if you work with a wider range of vehicles in your business.

Safety Brake & Clutch

Safety Brake & Clutch has been around since the ’90s and continues to boast a growing client base each year. What’s great about these guys, is that they provide full clarity about the process of replacing your brakes or clutch on their website, done in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being an inconvenience for wondering about it. They’re happy to test the extent of the wear and tear on both when you first go for an assessment, and to give you an objective review of the state of these parts shortly after. Their tagline is brilliant: “we don’t judge your driving, we just repair”. Consider us impressed.

The Best Time to Get Your Brakes & Clutch Tested

For most people, having these parts tested forms part of one of their annual services, possibly only on the “bigger” (greater mileage) services. A better idea is to take your safety into your own hands and to visit one of our suggested providers at least every six months. They will be able to give you a sense as to when you will need to have these parts replaced and even let you know if either of the parts needs replacing on the spot. 

It’s the kind of check that can end up making all the difference while driving in dangerous conditions, or in the unfortunate instance of an accident. Don’t take a chance, and remember that car maintenance is an investment in itself, keeping you safe on your daily journeys and allowing for the longevity of the reliability of your vehicle.