4 Symptoms Telling You That Your Flywheel Needs Replacing

Every car has a mechanical device called a flywheel. The purpose of this device is to create rotational energy by spinning repeatedly and then saving this energy so that it can be used later. For example, if the torque power of your engine is being generated irregularly, the flywheel will use its rotational energy to fill in the gaps of missing energy.

4 Bad Symptoms

Unfortunately, flywheels do not last forever. They gradually become worn as they are consistently used in the vehicle. If your flywheel becomes too worn out or damaged, there will be some noticeable symptoms that you won’t be able to ignore. Do not let these symptoms carry on for too long or else it will impact the overall drivability of the vehicle.

Below are the top 4 symptoms of a bad flywheel.

Slipping Gears

If you shift to a new gear and then notice that it slips back to the last gear you had it on, this is called gear slippage. A bad flywheel will likely be the reason for this because it will cause grinding of the plate and a lot more friction overall. If the gear keeps slipping when you change it, then it will certainly impact your driving ability.

Cannot Change Gears

Sometimes you will have the opposite problem with your gears. Instead of your gears slipping, you won’t be able to change your gears at all. The flywheel would need to be in pretty bad shape for this symptom to occur. Obviously, if you cannot switch gears, then you won’t be able to drive your vehicle at all.

Burning Odour

If there is a burning odour which consumes your passenger cabin, this could be attributed to many possible causes. A bad flywheel could be one of those causes because of all the heat generated from the friction in the clutch. If you have used the clutch at times when you weren’t supposed to, this could cause problems with the flywheel.

Vibrations of the Clutch

If your clutch pedal is experiencing lots of vibrations, then your flywheel is likely going bad. The vibrations will eventually get so bad that you will be able to feel them on the floor rather than just from the clutch pedal. Check your flywheel’s spring mounting mechanism because that is likely causing these vibrations.”

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