Worn Brake Pads – What Are The Risks?

“Apart from tyre issues, one of the most common faults found on vehicles coming are worn brake pads. Defective brake components can lead to a vehicle experiencing reduced braking power, increased stopping distances, skidding and in the worst cases, failure of your vehicle’s brakes. While modern vehicle technologies have made brake failure a rarity these days, not having full brake power should be a huge cause for concern for motorists. If you detect any of the below tell-tale signs while driving, it’s time to take your car to a garage to have your brakes inspected regardless of the date of your next scheduled car service.

Signs Your Brakes May Need Attention:

  • There’s a slight high-pitched ringing/squealing when you apply your car brakes.
  • You feel an abnormal vibrating when braking your car.
  • Your car brake feels softer to depress than normal.
  • You notice your car’s stopping distances have increased.
  • You hear a grinding sound when the car’s brakes are applied. (This may be a sign that the car’s brake discs are being damaged by worn brake pads)
  • Your brake fluid warning light is flashing/is permanently lit up on your car’s dash board. This may be due to the fact that your car’s brake fluid reservoir level has dropped.

If you notice any of the above or simply want the reassurance that your brakes are in proper working order, contact Safety Brake and Clutch, where our experienced staff will check your vehicle and advise if work is needed and the costs involved.”

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