Minor Car Service Checklist

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, we need to have our vehicle’s serviced at certain intervals. There are minor, intermediate and major car services. Minor car services need to be done more often than the others, and we provide you with a checklist of what is included in a minor car service.

Minor Car Service Checklist – What’s In A Service?

“Generally, car services can be broken into two types; there are the minor services (generally every 10-15 thousand km depending on manufacturer) and the major services (generally every 30-45 thousand kilometres depending on manufacturer). Minor car services are generally rather quick (as little as 90 minutes) and generally only include changing oil and oil filters with a few other minor jobs (see below) also involved. This is in stark contrast to the more comprehensive and more costly business of the major car service. The services vary deeply depending on the make and model of a given vehicle, the most common elements of the major and minor services are noted below.”

Minor Car Service Checklist

  • Replace oil and oil filter
  • Inspect belts
  • Check brakes and brake fluid
  • Check air conditioning operation
  • Test cooling system
  • Check battery
  • Check and top up fluids
  • Check exhaust
  • Check transmission
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Check lights and tyres
  • Check windscreen wipers and washers
  • Check air and fuel filters

“Asking your mechanic beforehand for a list of things to be done, can really help you educate yourself on your cars needs and specifications. Equally, asking for a written list of what was done afterwards can also help you relate to your vehicle. The main takeaway point here is that vehicle servicing standards really do depend on manufacturers guidelines, so getting to know your car through the vehicle user manual can save you time, money and unnecessary anxiety. It’s also a good idea to stay in touch with what mechanics are saying about your vehicle and what you yourself suspect or know is wrong with your vehicle. In the end ignoring vehicle servicing really isn’t an option, but for many, getting over the initial anxiety can simply be a case of just knowing just a little more about how services and vehicles work.”

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