Clutch Fitment South Africa: The Benefits Of Having Your Clutch Serviced Or Replaced By An RMI Accredited Workshop Vs A Mechanic

Understanding how your clutch works will guide you on the journey of maintaining your vehicle. Making use of professional mechanics or an accredited fitment centre, to assess and repair, or install, your clutch, will ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Clutch Fitment South Africa

We offer efficient clutch repair and maintenance for light and heavy-duty vehicles. Your clutch is one of the most vital and frequently used components of your car so keeping it in optimal condition is important.

A clutch consists mainly of two metal plates in the engine. Stepping on the clutch pedal disengages these plates from your rotating wheels, which allows you to change gears. Stepping off the clutch pedal creates pressure to operate the hydraulic mechanism, which transmits motion to the wheels.

There is a component in your clutch system called the flywheel, and it is common for a lot of clutch repair or replacement issues to be related to it. When it’s cracked or burned, it is normally due to excessive overheating because of slipping or grease contamination. Resting your foot on the clutch pedal also wears out your clutch.

Could you have a damaged flywheel? When do you know when it’s time to go for a clutch repair or clutch replacement?

Another common problem when it comes to clutch repairs is broken torsion springs, which can be caused by hard driving, or driving at low speed while the engine revs in high gear.

Clutch Fitment South Africa – The Benefits Of Having It Done By An RMI Accredited Workshop

An RMI accredited workshop uses quality products and keep stock of popular brake and clutch products.

When you have your vehicle clutch fitted with an RMI accredited workshop, you are guaranteed to find the following:

  • A well-maintained, clean and tidy workshop
  • Professional, efficient and friendly customer service
  • Access to senior management
  • Service and repairs done by fully trained and experienced technicians
  • Accurate and itemised costs given
  • Full cooperation to resolve any disputes
  • Brake repairs on all passenger vehicles of any make and model.

Clutch Fitment South Africa – The Benefits Of Having It Done By A Mechanic

The benefits of having your clutch serviced or replaced by a mechanic are:

  • It would have a cost saving component
  • Some mechanics may also provide you with a guarantee on work done
  • You can expect individualised, personal service

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