Brake Fluid Vs Clutch Fluid – Importance Of Both And Differences Explained

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is the difference between brake fluid and clutch fluid? Some of us might be under the impression that these are two completely different products. In essence though, it is the same thing. The only difference that would impact which brand or type of brake fluid to use, would be the type of brake and clutch system you have in your vehicle.

Brake Fluid South Africa

The brakes’ function in part as a hydraulic system so the condition of the brake fluid heavily influences how they work. The brake fluid is what removes you from the equation of having to exert heavy force when stopping, and instead it allows you to be able to stop a moving car with just a little pressure with your foot.

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Clutch Fluid South Africa

“Clutch fluid actually doesn’t exist. Clutch fluid is really just brake fluid that is kept in the clutch master cylinder. When you depress the clutch pedal, this fluid flows from the clutch master cylinder into the slave cylinder. The pressure of the fluid is then used to engage the clutch, which allows you to change gears. After the clutch has been engaged, the clutch pedal will be released, and the fluid will retreat back to the clutch master cylinder.”

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What Is The Importance Of Brake Fluid?

“It is necessary to keep in mind that brake fluid deteriorates because of its ability to draw moisture. The more water the brake fluid has extracted from the air, the faster it corrodes and loses its properties as a good hydraulic fluid. One of these necessary properties is low viscosity. This allows the fluid to move quickly when you put your foot on the pedal. If the fluid is too thick, it will affect the reaction time of your brakes.

The colour of the fluid also indicates whether your brake fluid needs changing or not. If it looks black it may need replacing. If the brake fluid is determined to not be in a good state, we conduct what is known as a ‘brake bleed’ which is mechanic speak for basically just replacing the old fluid with new fluid.”

What Is The Importance Of Clutch Fluid?

“The fluid is stored in the clutch master cylinder. When you press the clutch pedal, the fluid moves into the slave cylinder, where the pressure helps move the clutch, which is too heavy to be moved without the added pressure. If your clutch master cylinder leaks out brake fluid, you won’t have enough pressure to engage the clutch, and your vehicle will not be able to change gears. If the brake fluid in your clutch system becomes contaminated, it can cause severe damage to the slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder.”

What Are The Differences Between Brake Fluid And Clutch Fluid?

Based on the discussion, there is no difference between brake fluid and clutch fluid.

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