Clutch Failure Issues – Most Common

Bad clutch symptoms come in different forms, from odd sounds to poor performance to mechanical problems. The source of any of these symptoms can be hard to recognize.

Signs That Your Clutch May Be Going Bad

Problems with the clutch disc itself or its related parts can cause many symptoms.

  1. Your car may function poorly: it may start out slowly even though the engine is racing. Or it may be hard to get the car into reverse, or into gear at all.
  2. Noises may indicate a problem: your clutch pedal may make noise, or your transmission may make noise when the car is in neutral. You may hear squealing or growling when you push the pedal or grinding sounds when you shift gears.
  3. Or the pedal may give you a clue: it may vibrate, chatter, or pulsate, be stiff and hard to push, fall to the floor and stay there, or feel loosely connected or “spongy.”

How to Diagnose a Broken Torsion Spring

  • Clutch Chatter

Clutch chatter is best described as a stutter or vibration as the clutch is released. It is most noticeable when starting out from a complete stop. Clutch chatter is the most difficult clutch problem to diagnose and repair. Some clutch chatter problems can be caused by a clutch problem, but often the problem is caused by something other than the clutch.

  • Clutch related Chatter problems

  • Disc

Clutch Disc related Contamination: Oil on the disc from an engine or transmission leak

Torsion Spring Escaped: usually caused by “popping” the clutch or attempting to push start the car

  • Pressure Plate Distorted

Pressure Plate Related Warped friction plate: Usually due to excessive heat build up. Can be caused by excessively slipping the clutch

  • Warped Diaphragm Spring: Defective part

Uneven Coil Spring Pressures: Defective part. Very few of this style of clutches are made today

  • Release Bearing

Release Bearing Related Damaged or Worn Release Bearing: Usually on very high mileage cars, or can result from extended operation with a defective pressure plate

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