Best Brake Brands – What are the Best Brake Brands 2018?

When it comes to brake pads, you can lean towards a few directions. You can have “performance oriented brake pads”, “economy oriented brake pads”, or a mix of both. Your brake pads are an extremely important aspect of your vehicle, and should not be taken lightly when thinking of replacing them or, even installing them.

Having a good set of pads can mean the difference between hitting an object, and just barely missing it. You can cheap out and get generic brands that ultimately, will start to fade very fast, giving you poor stopping power. You’ll also experience a TON of brake dust which, will powder coat your wheels through time and make the cleaning process a whole lot harder.

Nothing is more important to safe driving than using the best brake pads. Brake pads occasional replacement due to the constant wear and tear. The good news is that they are thousands of choices when it comes to brake pads. By using a guide like this one, it should be relatively easy to find the best brake pads that suit your wallet, driving patterns and your particular car model.

What are the Best Brake Brands 2018?

Which brake pad is best suited for your vehicle. If you are looking for a stock replacement, you need to stick to one specified by your car manufacturer. Performance brakes are upgrades from the stock brake pads and are meant to reduce the braking distance, improve feel on the pedal and give you a consistent performance.

You can safely switch from the different braking pads as long as they fit your car. Semi-metallic brake pads are ideal for racing cars, high horsepower vehicles, towing and areas that are mountainous. Ceramic pads are ideal for daily driven cars and for people looking to improve rotor life, pedal feel, and low noise.

Temperature of the brake pad: If you are buying a brake pad for a race car, you should consider its temperature rating. The brake must still perform optimally at peak temperature achievable in the track. Brakes usually ‘fade’ at high temperatures.

For racing cars, the braking compounds should have a temperature rating between 500 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature rating is not absolute as it can be affected by brake cooling, tire selection, and the track length. The ultimate test for a brake pad is to run it on a track and see how it performs. You might have to check a couple of sets to get best overall brake pad.

Brake Pad Brands: As much as you may want to try new brands, it is always wise to stick to popular brands when buying brake pads. If you are buying brake pads for towing vehicles or race cars, choosing unpopular brands can be disastrous. The best quality brake pads may cost a fortune, but you also get the best performance.

Price: The high-performance brake pads will cost more than regular pads. This does not mean that you can’t go a step ahead to look for the best brake at best market price. The best place to get value for money is online stores. You can compare prices of the brand and choose the best option. It is wise to buy a couple of brake pads so as to get a discount.


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